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Dutch male, with too many interests
Proud member of the "Raiden Budokai"

Disclaimer 1:
I'm not a 'Troll' because I write what I think,
but because somebody over-reacts (very silly)

Disclaimer 2:
I've only quoted Montesquieu once
I hardly read (& quote) any philosophers because I'm too lazy

hey mathijs - long time no see;-7 WojPob

long time?
Last weekend I've had a very unsatisfying clash with some 'reasonable people'
Even Christ has admitted in the Bible that he has some flaws, but I'm not allowed to have any.

That's very interesting. I never noticed that. Can you point to where he says that? <>< tbc

Somewhere Jesus says that he is human, with corresponding human fallacies; I've been searching for the exact verse, without succes, uptonow. BTW: in my opinion the whole new testament is about Jesus being human. If I remember correctly he said something like: nothing human is strange to me

Aren't you thinking of Terence, who wrote "Homo sum; humani nil a me alienum puto" ("I am human; I count nothing human foreign to me"). --Zundark, 2001 Nov 6

I actually only know the Dutch phrase: "Niets menselijks is mij vreemd". nothing human is strange to me is my own litteral translation of that; in English bibles it will most certainly be phrased in many different ways - it might even be apogryphic, I really don't know

This is the exact Dutch wording in a translation of Terence given here. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 6

Terence surely has had a immense impact on young Jesus that he quoted him somewhere (where?). And if he didn't, he should have (in cases like this, it's all about belief, anyway)

I sincerely thank Larry Sanger for this all
aggrevation has its special clarity
keep your eyes open!

I think trolls are a very interesting species

I've basically stopped contributing. I shouldn't have gotten involved with Gamefoolz and let people just be delete-happy boneheads, but I couldn't help it. I'm actually more torqued off by the USA PATRIOT Act and the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/Detentions than I am by the state of Wikipedia, so I added those, and I really care about the victims, so I did a little numerical updating, but there have been a wide range of general contributions/updates/maintenance etc. that I would have done earlier that I have no interest in doing now.

Also, I would have made up a good logo or added helpful critique (the ones that are proposed are ugly or flawed--certainly no better than the current one); I would have helped with the GFDL licensing quandary (which shouldn't be a quandary); I'd be more diligent about submitting bug reports/critiques on the new wiki, etc. But from my tone you can see that I would be hard-pressed to be contributory.

And the second a better alternative comes along, I'm totally gone. I may have to create it, but so be it.

Take care.

--The Cunctator