Maximilian I

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Maximilian I Habsburg was born March 22, 1459 in Vienna and died January 12, 1519 in Wels.

His father was Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. Maximilian was married to the daughter of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, Mary, who was the duke's only direct heir. Through this marriage, Maximilian was able to lay claim to all of Burgundy upon the duke's death.

In 1486, he became King of Germany, and in 1493 was elected Holy Roman Emperor. After his victory against Louis XI (the Spider King) of France, who opposed Maximilian's claim to Burgundy, Maximilian succeeded in uniting all of the Habsburg lands.

In order to help reduce the growing pressures in Eastern and Central Europe brought about by an ever-increasing number of treaties and counter-treaties between the rulers of Poland, Bohemia, Hungary, and Russia, as well as to secure Bohemia and Hungary for the Hapsburgs, Maximilian I met with the Jagiellonian Wladislaw of Bohemia and Hungary and with Sigismund I of Poland at the First Congress of Vienna. One of the results of this meeting was marriage contract with Louis of Hungary and Mary of Austria, Maximilian's granddaughter. A second was a marriage contract for Anna of Hungary to marry one of Maximilian's grandsons, Charles or Ferdinand.