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Can I suggest we don't use subpages for this, but instead use pages like Mercury programming language, Mercury chemical element, Mercury Roman god, Mercury planet, or Planet Mercury, or something like that?

I think this is an excellent use of subpages. This makes it possible to link to "Mercury" and get something that is relevant without knowing the naming idiosyncracies beforehand. Putting all this on one page seems out of the question since at least the first three of the four subsubjects would be pretty long articles.

I'd prefer a layout like this, though:

1. Mercury is the innermost planet circling the Sun.

2. Mercury is a chemical element with atom number ...

3. Mercury is the God of ... in the Roman mythology.

4. Mercury is a programming language used for ...

Each subsubject should have an introduction of a sentence or two (all of them should fit on a page). A little more than now, but not too much. --Pinkunicorn

yes we should keep the link page but we should probably use Mercury, planet or Mercury planet instead of Mercury/planet. Look at the work being done on say Alexander I etc. ---rmhermen

I totally agree that this is not an appropriate use of subpages. I'd use "--" strategically, in the place of "(...)": Mercury--planet or Mercury--Roman god. Of course, that's just munging things until the Big Software Change that will hopefully happen after Magnus' exams.  :-) Then we'll just use parentheses, like a regular encyclopedia. --LMS