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Greetings, and welcome! --Creaktop

Thanks :) --Merry
I just tried to write an article about heraldry without using pictures. Comments are welcome - I'd like to know if it's understandable at all...

First read, looks good, if a bit hard to follow in places (all that new jargon all at once).
Second, more critical read.
  • Add "Heraldry is" to the first line, making it a full sentence.
  • wikify "coat of arms".
  • you introduce shields without showing any relation to the subject.
  • I seem to recall another position of a living thing, "regardant" or some such, where the animal/human is depicted as looking at the viewer.
So what do you do for an encore? --buzco

Pictures :) Describing heraldry without them is a losing battle.

Thanks for your help - I'll flesh out the shield concept as soon as possible. You're right about regardant - the problem is that there are so many positions - I'll never be able to list them all.