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The Methodist movement is a denomination of Protestant Christianity.

It was started by John Wesley as a movement within the Church of England in the 18th century, focused on Bible study, and a methodical approach to scriptures. Wesley originally had no intention of separating from the Church of England. However, following the American Revolution, the Church of England cut off those of its members who were Americans, and Wesley and the other early leaders formed the Methodist Church as a separate body partly in response to those events. (See also the Episcopal Church.) The United Methodist Church was formed in the twentieth century as a result of a merger between the Brethren and the Methodist Episcopal Church. There are also Free Methodists. There is also the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and over 40 other denominations that descend from John Wesley's Methodist movement. The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth, a former Methodist. It derives some of its theology from Methodism. The Nazarene Church is also related to the Methodist Church. Jesus is sometimes referred to as a Nazarene because of his hometown of Nazareth.