Mexican Rap

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Mexican rap refers to a rap and hip hop movement started in Mexico in the early 90's with dance-pop act Calo. This group comprised 1 MC and 4 dancers/chorists who rhymed, sang and danced over pop-house music style instrumentals.

The Underground scene then spread throughout Mexico, with Latin Rap influences such as Kid Frost and Mellow Man Ace. Later the movement was invigorated by the influence of US-Latin acts such as Tha Mexakinz, Cypress Hill and Delinquent Habitz.

The popularity of these US-based acts, Cypress Hill in particular, led to the emergence in the mid-90's of crossover (rap-rock) acts such as Control Machete and Molotov.

More than 10 years after appearance of the first rap-like act, the Mexican scene remains to the mainstream an almost undiscovered (yet emerging), large and well-distributed underground movement.

Some Mexican underground groups, categorized by geographical regions:

North-West Region:
(OMW Familia member) Yostailingo
(OMW Familia member) OMW (the group)
(OMW Familia member) 362 Rappaz
(OMW Familia member) Atake FDD
(OMW Familia member) (mc-producer) Drez
(OMW Familia member) Obson Clan
(OMW Familia member) (mc) Tavo Ice
(OMW Familia member) 4DP
(OMW Familia member) HMO
(OMW Familia member) Santos Y La Mata
(OMW Familia member) Skuadron de Atake
(OMW Familia member) (mc) Luistyle
(mc) Rojo
DJ ice
Cool Man
El Elote
Los Vandalos

North Region:
Artilleria Pesada
Caballeros del Plan G
Ache Muda
Rango Bajo
Gente Loca
Mexcal Intravenoso

Central and South Region:
sabotaje mexica
petate funky
kartel aztlan
mc luka
(mc) snow
crimen urbano
asesinos lirikoz
padre anderson
lethal funky
la otra escoria