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I am a professor of art history - I specialize in the early Middle Ages, but I teach everything in western art before 1500 (thank GOODNESS we just hired an Asian Art specialist and I don't have to go learn all about that, too).

  • currently working on
filling in lots of factoids on the chronological conspectus pages
  • particularly pleased about:
how the Pope + name nomenclature decision showed Wiki-robustness!
the 4th and 5th century articles
Paulinus of Nola
Augustine of Hippo
Liber Pontificalis
Charlemagne and how the early middle ages are beginning to shape up
Baroque Art
  • I resolve to...
always indicate the varying reliability of particular ancient and medieval sources (see Liber Pontificalis)
  • when I'm bored I...
skim the recent changes for as-yet-un-added biographical entries

By the way, as of 12/17/01 I'm on Christmas break - it's not that I'm off in a huff or never coming back, but I think a big dose of fiction would be a lot more restful. Now when I'm at my parents' I'll probably get bored enough to turn the computer on, but no promises.... --Michael