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The following was here previously. It is not understandable English, but perhaps someone might be able to find some information in it: --LDC

This experiment not only(also excellent films)showing how subordinate human psychic setup really being so any outside feedback reenforcing this already genetically prepared behavior is BUT modern complex societies doing a lot to turn people into perfectly automated beings that do not sense any contradictions any more. This is leading to such strange behavior that I introduced the term SOCIATRY here and if you want some more details visit. Not being able to voice any critique we can identify many developemental trends trying to cover up any of these absurdities. Want to work here,too? Feel free to contact me at: To understand the strange goings-on i ran across doing and developing graffiti-research I have been in need of some meta-explanatory matrix to understand what was going on if I dared to look closer Axel Thiel Kassel Germany