Miyazaki Hayao

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Miyazaki Hayao (宮崎 駿) January 5, 1941 - present

Born in Tokyo. Japanese film maker and artist. Creator of many anime (Japanese animated) films and some manga. Although largely unknown in the west outside of animation circles, his films are almost without exception huge box-office and critical sucesses in Japan.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind was one of his first films as both script writer and director. He adapted it from his manga of the same name, which he had created two years previously.

In 1997 Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) became the highest grossing film of all time in Japan, until the later success of Titanic. His latest film Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) was released in July 2001 and on September 26th broke Titanic's attendance record of 16.83 million people with its 16.88 million attendees. Toho projects it will beat the Japanese Titanic box office gross earnings record of ¥26 billion by early November.

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