Monica Lewinsky

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Monica Lewinsky, American businesswoman who was caught up in an American political investigation when she was an intern who worked at the White House.

She graduated with a Psychology degree from the Lewis and Clark College in 1995 and afterwards she worked at the White House during the term of Bill Clinton.

There she had a short-term sexual relationship with the President.

President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky both denied that the relationship involved sexual intercourse. President Clinton later provided what was at least misleading (and many viewed as outright perjurious) testimony on the relationship to a civil court that been initiated for an unrelated investigation, which led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives. This remains a controversial topic in America.

By her own account Monica Lewinsky survived the intense media attention by knitting.

She now runs her own business, selling her own brand of handbags.

Books about Monica Lewinsky:

  • Monica's Story by Andrew Morton.
  • One Scandalous Story: Clinton, Lewinsky, and Thirteen Days That Tarnished American Journalism by Marvin L. Kalb.
  • Our Monica, Ourselves : The Clinton Affair and the Public Interest (Sexual Cultures) by Lauren Berlant (Editor) and Lisa Duggan (Editor).

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