Mt. Olympus

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1. In Greek mythology, the mountain that was home of the gods.

2. The tallest mountain in Greece, at 2917 meters high. There are also as much as 18 other mountains by the same name, located on the greek islands, Cyprus and Minor Asia.

3. The tallest mountain in the solar system, at 25 km. Located on Mars, and officially called by its Latin name Olympus Mons. It is named for the mountain on Earth. Olympus Mons is an apparently extinct shield volcano, the result of highly fluid magma flowing out of volcanic vents over a long period of time, and is much wider than it is tall; the average slope of Olympus Mons' flanks is very gradual. The Hawaiian islands are an example of similar shield volcanoes on a smaller scale. Olympus Mons is located in the Tharsis bulge, a huge swelling in the Martian surface that bears numerous other large volcanic features. Among them are a chain of lesser shield volcanoes including Arisa Mons, Pavonis Mons and Ascraeus Mons, which are small only in comparison to Olympus Mons itself. Olympus Mons is located at approximately 135°W by 20°N.

The root of the word means in greek "Full of Light". In greek mythology, the home of the gods is a spiritual place, a land full of light, the highest state of mind that can be. On order to represent it, the greeks would choose the highest mountain of their area.