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Term used to describe multiple means of media which are used to convey information (audio, video, text, vector graphics, interactivity). Often used to describe any computer media.

As the information is presented in various formats, multimedia enhances user experience and helps grasping information better and faster.

The typical areas where multimedia is used are: training and education,electronic games, manufacturing and industries.

An electornic multimedia encyclopedia can present information in better ways than a traditional encyclopedia can. So the user has more fun and learns fast. For instance, an article on World War II can include hyperlinks of countries involved in the war. Then it can include a video on Pacific Campaign. It can also include images which are maps pertinent to World War II.

An multimedia game will enhance the interactivity of the user. For example, a user can play a simulated multimedia soccer match without being in the ground. The simulation is just illusion, but it makes the user think that he or she plays a real match. This is achieved by many equipments of control, sensors and by coordinating various multimedia components with a technique called virtual reality.

In manufacturing and industries, multimedia is primarily used for modelling a component, device or a machinery before actually producing it.

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