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Hmm, I recall that Murphy originally said "If there's a possibility to do it wrong, he is going to do it". Now, this is a back translation from German, so I may be completely off. Can somebody shed some light? -- RedMabuse

"descriptive of the challenges of design for lusers" What is this supposed to mean? users? losers?

The use of meme jargon needs to be explained, so that readers of this page who are not familiar with the idea of memes (people who are unaware of the meme meme) can understand what you are talking about...

I wonder if a listing of the major Murphy's Law Corollaries (or, perhaps more properly, Finagle's Law Corollaries) should be created. These include the Law of Unintended Consequences, the Law of Relative Time, the Quantum Law of the Sandwich, etc.