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I suspect this could get fractured very quickly.

Perhaps this would best be organized by dividing music theory up into a number of major disciplines:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm
  • Timbre

Within a 'melody' page, we could lead quite naturally into counterpoint in its various species, scales (diatonic, modal, chromatic, and microtonal), and so on.

Within a 'harmony' page, we could lead easily into chords, harmonic progressions, some additional discussion of scales, and so on.

Within a 'rhythm' page we could discuss the hemiola, syncopation, and so on.

Within a 'timbre' page we could discuss musical instruments, 'beating' of frequencies, elements of electronic musical instruments (oscillators, MIDI gear, etc), and so on.


Started change by breaking existing page into four subheads: time will tell if subpages are necessary when there's enough material...

/ about analysing popular music...try /

Should this page be renamed 'Western musical theory', and other similar pages be built up for other traditions? Or perhaps the basic western concepts could be used in explaining other culture's music (as western music has the most sophisticated *written* scheme,) meaning that a lot of the existing articles could stay here as they would be culture independent. -- sodium