My Neighbor Totoro

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My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ - Tonari no Totoro) is a Japanese animated movie by Miyazaki Hayao.

Spirit of the forest, furry and laconic. Helps Setsuki and Mae when their mother is in the hospital (prob. a TB sanitorium). The movie is a slow-moving yet fascinating portrayal of rural Japanese life. A university professor moves with his two daughters to a new house near a forest. His daughters discover "dust bunnies" which leads them to find some Totoro creatures. Not everyone can see the spirits of the forest, only the pure in heart. Mae is enchanted with them and determined to find the king of the forest. When she gets lost, older sister Setsuki runs everywhere searching for her, finally seeking Totoro's help.


Direction, Original Story & Screenplay: Miyazaki Hayao
Music: Joe Hisaishi

Production: Studio Ghibli

Executive Producer: Yasuyoshi Tokuma
Producer: Toru Hara

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