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I'm not entirely sure "national flag" is the best generic term. What about the flag of the United Nations, the state of California, etc? --hajhouse

We should have a flag article to cover flags in general. (I see you've created one already.) But national flags are a particularly important type of flag, so it makes sense to have a separate article on them. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 1

Zundark: I'm not so sure about that. Is there anything particularly unique about national flags, as opposed to flags in general, that warrant particular treatment in their article? Maybe we could have a list of national flags here, but articles about the national flags per se really belong in the same article as discussion of other types of flags -- to separate them into a separate article is to ignore the continuity and unity of the subject matter. -- SJK

I'm not sure I see exactly what you are objecting to. I think we want to be able to link directly to an article on national flags, instead of having to link to a general article on flags. The article should explain what national flags are, and provide a list of Wikipedia articles on individual national flags. I don't see that this detracts from the general article on flags, which can still discuss any flags it wants to, including national ones. The list of well-known flags that is currently here should probably be moved to flag, since whether a flag is well-known or not is independent of whether or not it is a national flag. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 1

Well, the regulations for use of national flags, for instance. Such regulations exist not only for national flags, but for subnational and supranational flags as well. And since a large part of these regulations concern matters of precedence, even the regulations for national flags cover other flags also. Which is why I'd say the regulations should be moved to Flag, and expanded to discuss regulations in respect of sub- and super-national flags also. -- SJK

Yes, that's OK. But I won't be doing it, because I don't know enough about it. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 2