Nautical mile

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A nautical mile was a unit of length that was defined to be one 1/60 of a degree of latitude (a minute or arc of minute) along a great circle of the Earth. However, since the earth is not perfectly spherical, this distance varies depending on the great circle chosen; thus several different definitions of the nautical mile have existed in the past. The nautical mile has been standardised internationally as exactly 1852 metres. This corresponds approximately to 10 cable lengths or 6076.1 feet.

Prior to the adoption of the international nautical mile, the nautical mile formerely used in the U.S. and the U.K was 6080 feet, or 1853.18 metres.

One knot is defined as one nautical mile per an hour. See conversion of units.

The nautical mile is used primarily to measure distances for maritime or aviation purposes.

Questions: When was the international nautical mile adopted? Who was responsible for its adoption?