Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Manga, anime series and a movie by Gainax.

It takes place in near future (year 2015) and describes war between humanity and Angels.

When first aired in Japan at a time slot intended for teenagers, it was not spectacularly popular. However, when aired again at a showing more reasonable for adults, its popularity exploded and allowed many adults to rekindle an interest in anime. The anime was and continues to be a strong influence on anime shows in general.

Warning: There's a bit spoiling below.


Rei Ayanami

First Children. 14 year old socially-inept girl.

Asuka Langley Soryo

Second Children. 14 year old German girl. She wants to always be "the best", and

Shinji Ikari

Third Child, son of Gendo. 14 year old socially-inept boy who hates his father.

Toji Suzuhara

Fourth Child. Probably the most "normal" of all "Children".

Misato Katsuragi

Yui Ikari

Shinji's mother. Dead in 2004.

Commander Gendo Ikari

Shinji's father.

Kaji Ryoji

Kensuke Aida

14-year old boy. Computer hacker and fan of guerilla.

Hikari Horaki

14-year old girl.

Naoko Akaji

Ritsuko's mother. Creator of MAGI computer system.

Ritsuko Akaji

30-year old. NERV head technician.

Maya Ibuki

Vice-Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki

Makoto Hyuga

Shigeru Aoba

Pen Pen

Warm-water penguin, Misato's pet.

Eva Unit 0

Eva Unit 1

Eva Unit 2

1st Angel - Adam

2nd Angel - Lilith

Some reverse the first two angels. Some start the list with a 0th Angel or otherwise disagree with this list.

3rd Angel - Sachiel

4th Angel - Samsnhel

5th Angel - Ramiel

6th Angel - Gaghiel

7th Angel - Israfel

8th Angel - Sandalphon

9th Angel - Matariel

10th Angel - Sahaqiel

11th Angel - Ireul

Something like a computer virus. It infected MAGI.

12th Angel - Leliel

Eva Unit 3, 13th Angel - Bardiel

14th Angel - Zeruel

15th Angel - Arael

16th Angel - Armisael

Kaoru, the Fifth Child and the last, 17th Angel (angel name Tabris)