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I don't know quite what to do with Dianic Wicca. I'm fairly certain it is wrong to even use the term Wicca to refer to Dianics, since the important factor in Wicca is gender polarity which doesn't apply even remotely to Dianic practice. But I'm not Dianic myself and don't know much about the details of their practice. It would be great if someone who knows more would clarify this. Perhaps it should be Dianic Paganism, or Dianic Tradition. --Dmerrill

Most Dianic Wiccan's consider themselves Wiccan and do consider the birth of Wicca with Gardner the beginings of their religion; they are just a group that broke off (kind of like protestants from the Catholic church- the protestants are still Christian). Though I am not very familar with the Reclaimation Tradition (which apparently does not consider it's self to be part of Wicca), it sounds very much like Dianic Wicca and could be composed of women with very similar beliefs and practices who allie themselves more on the "political side" and less on the "Wicca side" than Dianic Wiccans. I guess I'm saying that if Dianic Wiccan's consider themselves Wiccan, who are we to say they are not. Just a thought, I may be wrong.