New England Patriots

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A National Football League team based in Foxboro, Massachusetts USA.

Founded: 1960, as a charter AFL member. Joined the NFL in the 1970 merger.
Formerly known as: Boston Patriots
Home stadium: Foxboro Stadium
Uniform colors: Red, white, and blue
Helmet design: Elvis-like face in silhouette
League Championships won: 1986, 1996 (AFC Championships)

Franchise history

The Patriots have a long and storied history of losing. They have done it better and more often than nearly any other NFL team, with the brief exception of the time during the Bill Parcells era.

Players of note

Football Hall of Famers:
Current stars: Drew Bledsoe
Retired numbers:
Not to be forgotten: Julius Adams, Jim Nance (one of the dominant running backs of the old AFL), Jim Plunkett