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Acts of the Apostles -- according to tradition, written by Luke

The author of the Acts of the Apostles identifies himself in the prologue as the same person who wrote the third gospel. If we accept Luke as the author of the latter, we must not shy away from attributing the Acts to him as well.

James, "the brother of Jesus"
Jude, counted among the "brothers of Jesus"

We should have a link to "brothers of Jesus", with an explanation of what degree of familiar relation (sibling or cousin) "brother" implied in the times and the culture of Jesus.

Is there any controversy regarding Jude ? I seem to recall Thaddeus (Jude) the apostle wrote it...

surely a better (and no less accurate) translation for 'synoptic' is "same view" (as in point of view) rather than "same eye"? And much as I love Austin Farrer (I regularly assign his book on Revelation), he's not the only critic to suggest that Q is an unnecessary construct. It's a whole school of thought, not restricted to pre-1960 English persons (my favorite critic of Biblical criticism is still Dorothy Sayers, whose take on the typical view of John is without equal - and entirely possible). --MichaelTinkler

Regarding the translation of "synoptic", remember that in Wikipedia, he who proposes, disposes.  :) Go ahead and change it.