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Minor contributor, mainly here to make sure that "renown" is spelled without a "k" :-).

I'm following in the footsteps of my hero, Stan Kelly-Bootle, compiler of various dictionaries of computer terms and jargon, particularly The Computer Contradictionary.

"Nickel Knowledge" is my father-in-law's phrase for the little tidbits of knowledge everyone has floating around in their memory, which is occasionally useful. A nickel is, for people outside the USA, a very small amount of money. However, the beauty of Wikipedia is that when thousands add their little bit, we all wind up with something amazing.

Hurray for Wikipedia: I'm just tickled pink for discovering that I share my birthday with Screaming Lord Sutch!


Hi - Nickel, just about the All/many aspect on Nursery rhyme: I think you misread it. I didn't "many nursery rhymes are oral" (they all are, as you said), I said "Many cultures have children's verses". Not ALL cultures have a musical or oral tradition, particularly for children. - Regards ManningBartlett

N- You flatter me with Watchmen. Thanks. I'll try to improve that off the cuff analysis when i get the chance. :) -trimalchio

While I am catching up with my welcomes...a very belated welcome and thanks for your contributions! --LMS

N: there's still one occurence of "fermented" on Oolong. I won't change it since I don't known the difference (don't meddle with things you don't understand). Perhaps a page about Fermentation vs. Oxidation should be written since it seems a common misconception. --Robbe