Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman an famous Hollywood actress, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 20, 1967. She lived in Washington, D.C. and the United States of America until she was four, and then she and her family moved to Australia. Her father was researching breast cancer in Washington D.C. She started taking ballet lessons when she was three and studied at St. Martin's Youth Theater, Australian theater for Young People, and Philip Street Theater. Nicole's father had her, along with her younger sister, do push ups and jumping jacks in the morning, to keep them fit.

She started her career, at only 14, when she starred in Bush Christmas. The movie is still often played at Christmas time. Nicole dropped out of North Sydney High School when her mother got breast cancer. Her mother recovered though, Nicole continued with her acting career. Throughout the 1980's she appeared in many Australian movies and TV series, notably including BMX Bandits, [and the miniseries Bangkok Hilton.

Nicole stared in Dead Calm in 1989 and later with Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, a stock-car racing movie. She married Tom Cruise on Christmas Eve of 1990 in Telluride, Colorado. The wedding was a secret at the time. She was in Billy Bathgate with Bruce Willis and Dustin Hoffman and in 1992 she was in Ron Howard's Far and Away. She stared in Batman Forever, and then in The Portrait of a Lady.

She and Tom adopted two children and lived in Los Angeles, Australia, Colorado, and New York. She and Tom stared in Eyes Wide Shut in 1999 - the last film by Stanley Kubrick - and in 1998 Nicole was one of the three witches in Practical Magic.

She was the star of the show in 2001, with her spectacular performance in Moulin Rouge. She had a knee injury from Moulin Rouge, so Jodie Foster had to fill in for her in The Panic Room. Nicole divorced Tom Cruise in 2001 after about 11 years of marriage. Berlin Diaries and Cold Feet are future movies for Nicole.

Nicole Kidman's movies include:

Nicole Kidman's father, Tony Kidman, was at one stage a lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her father also breeds dogs.