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1. An English transliteration/spelling of a Sanskrit term meaning extinction or "blowing out" (like a candle). Nirvana is a frequently used term in Buddhism - very roughly it is the extinction of dukkha or dissatisfaction, or the state of being when ego-centered/craving consciousness is extinguished.

In the Pali language Buddhist scriptures the Pali form of the word, translated as "nibbana", is used. In Chinese Buddhist scriptures, the word is transliterated as Nie4 Pan2 (涅槃).

See also: paramita

2. A grunge band from Seattle. It existed from the late 80's till the death of its leader Kurt Cobain on 8 April 1994. It was the most prominent band in the music genre of Grunge

3. A psychedelic band from the late 60's.

4. A Science Fiction movie.