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I would like to add the citations explaining why each Laureate was selected. I interpret to mean that these citations would be in the public domain. -- Claudine

The prize in economics is NOT considered a "real" Nobel Prize, (By whom? - GWO) and this have been emphasized more (By whom?) and more in sweden. Maybe it should be moved under the line to the other "nobel-like" prizes?

GWO - Some of the more notable critics today is the grandchildren of Nobel who claim that 1) the prize of economics is not in the will of Alfred Nobel and 2) Alfred Nobel did not consider economics to be a science i.e. not worthy of a prize. They are currently working for the committee and media to not to shorten the current name to "nobel prize" but to the "Bank of Sweden prize" (whereas the long name is somewhere on the lines of "Bank of Sweden prize in economics in the memory of Alfred Nobel").

It is by the Nobel Commitee, who make no distinction. I say keep it where it is.