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How are the various Wikipedias going to be coordinated, if at all? Will we have several quite different articles in different languages? Will English be a lingua franca (i.e., will the articles be regarded as "master articles")?

Please offer your opinions here.

One idea, though I don't know if I favor it myself, is to ask the contributors to international Wikipedias to focus on those topics that directly concern the culture, language, countries, etc., that use the language in question. So, for example, might focus on all things French. But I suppose I personally am not in favor of this suggestion, for the simple reason that there are millions of French people who don't know English but who do know enough to write excellent encyclopedia articles on all sorts of topics that have nothing specifically to do with France or French. Why should they be discouraged by anyone? --LMS

I agree with Larry that the international wikipedia don't need to be translations of the english wikipedia, but encyclopedias in that language for themselves. Contributors of the international versions that read english can look for inspiration, or simply translate from english wikipedia if they wish, but if they don't (or can't) they should be able to just write away... The only problem is that there are not international versions of the "instigator", Larry, but i hope someone will appear anyway, and if not, it means that the proyect didn't attract enough people and will die for itself... I really hope, that the international wikipedias can be in the future a source for the english version, a cross fertilization would be great...(remembering the "fertile soil" metaphora...--AstroNomer