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Please offer your advice on how to write a homepage for the "international Wikipedias." One idea is simply to translate the English Wikipedia HomePage. But there's nothing stopping you from beginning entirely anew. You should, one way or another, give information about the WikiWiki concept, and make it clear that the encyclopedia is indeed intended to be a comprehensive encyclopedia in your language. It'll be a good idea to give a link back to on the homepages.

There should be a backlink to the international section.
I often change from international/us? section to german and
can't find a link to go the international section again
Or have I overseen something?   StefanRybo

What i did on Spanish wikipedia was to put a list of the wikis in all languajes (like in HomePage and this page) but adding a link to wikipedia in english, like any other wikipedia (I said, though, that this was the one that had began, and was more advanced)

It would probably be a good idea to add a link to a page where you can discuss the purpose of the wiki in your language. There's no one setting any specific policy that everyone must follow, but you can discuss it and perhaps arrive at some conclusions that most people will be able to respect. --LMS