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How can we make use of international wikis to support Nupedia's article translation projects? Actually, it seems rather simple:

  1. From the HomePage of your language's wiki, create a page for the project of translating Nupedia articles into your language. You might name it, for example, "Nupedia articles" or "Nupedia article translation" or "Nupedia translation project"--whatever seems best.
  2. On that page, create various subpages (/Like This, with the slash) for individual web pages, and individual articles, that your project is working on.
  3. Also on that page, upload and maintain any instructions for translators that you have worked out.

Any other suggestions? Feel free to add them to this list. Remember, this is a wiki!

As an example, you can see how the Germans have started.

Any discussion of the above or of general issues about using Wikipedias to do Nupedia article translation? This would be a good place for such discussion.