North Sea

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The sea situated between the west coast of Norway and the East coast of Britain. There is a substantial amount of oil under the seabed. A bay of the North Sea is Kattegat, between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which connects to the Baltic Sea at Öresund. In the south, the North Sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean through the English Channel and in the north through the Norwegian Sea.

Countries that border on the North Sea are: United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Water paths that drain into the North Sea are: Kattegat (which drains the Baltic Sea), ... (at Bremerhaven), Humber at Hull, Rhine, Meuse, Schelde, Thames, ...

Until the First World War the sea was named the German Ocean. However widespread anti-German feelings in Britain at that time led to the adoption of its modern name.

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