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As an English word, object has many senses. Some of these senses are subjects of Wikipedia articles:

While we're waiting for parenthesis feature to be turned on, we can include the future contents of object (philosophy) below:

As used by philosophers, in general, an object is something that can have properties and relations. Hence a particular object is, basically, either a particular material body or a particular mind--or, on a neutral monist view, a particular that can be viewed under both physical and mental aspects.

Objects are often treated as types of particulars, but occasionally, philosophers see fit to speak of abstract objects--Platonic forms would be an example.

As used by software developers, an object is a construct having properties and methods. As in philosophy a particular object has features in common with others of the same class (a dog barks), but it also has information unique to it (e.g., Lassie's trainer is Russ Featherfax)

See objecthood.