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These hobbies depend for their interest on items being observed. A knowledge of these items and their habitats will develop over time in the observer, who may draw upon the experiences of others as conveyed in books or websites or by word of mouth. Most such hobbies involve classification of the items seen, with the precision and reliability of such classifications generally increasing over time. Depending on the geographic dispersal of the creatures or things being observed, pursuit of the hobby might well require or entice travel. When spotting natural creatures an understanding of their migration patterns may be essential. Specific creatures may only be visible in particular places for example at certain times of the year. There are parallels in those hobbies relating to man-made items. International political events may sometimes generate a gathering of VIP aircraft for instance and an international football match may cause a sudden influx of charter airliners to the region where the match is played. There is likely to be a social aspect to such hobbies, as fellow enthusiasts will normally alert a hobbyist to forthcoming (or even current) opportunities to witness unusual items within the scope of the shared pastime. New technologies such as mobile telephones and the internet have clearly increased the opportunities for passing such information between fellow enthusiasts when it is timely.