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Odense is the third largest town in Denmark and the capital of the island of Funen (Fyn). The famous poet Hans Christian Andersen was born here on 2 April 1805, and a museum with a big collection of his books and belongings are situated here. The biggest shipyard in Denmark owned by the Maersk Group is situated here. The town had several monasteries and the main church (Sct Knud) has a very big and beautiful altar-piece cut in wood. The bishop of Funen resides here. There is a theatre as well as a symphony orchestra. The commercial national television company TV2 is based in Odense. Since the islands Funen and Sealand (Sjælland) were connected - cars on two bridges to a small island approximately halfway - probably still the second longest hanging bridge in the world - and trains on a low bridge and a tunnel, it only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes by train from Odense to Copenhagen. There is a lot of industry. The biggest sales auction of vegetables, fruits and flowers (GASA) in Denmark is situated here. A channel has been dug out to make it possible for ships to sail to a harbour in town. There is a zoo and a museum with old houses typical for Funen.