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In all honesty, the entry itself seems pretty sensible to me.

this suggests to me that it needs major revision, then. Has anyone got a list of the OMRLP's various election promises handy? And perhaps references for other national looney parties (I believe Canada had one called the Rhinocerous Party, but they're now defunct due to increased candidacy fees. Will search for references myself later).

There's some not-so-absurd stuff concealed in their manifestos. Short and to the point: "All third world debt will be cancelled. They're not going to pay anyway. You know that. I know that. Don't deny it".

And in a country where DORA 1918 forced pubs to close in the afternoons for the next 70 years to ensure we don't lose the war against the Kaiser, who exactly are the Loony politicians?

I think we all know who they are. Sensible government is just a socially constructed fiction (just my 2 pence worth). sjc