Oliver Lieb

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Oliver Lieb was born in 1969.

The Frankfurt based producer has produced more than 200 tracks on more than 100 sound carriers. He has done remixes for the likes of Sven Vath, Yello, Sparks, Human League, Marc Oh, Mory Kante.

Superstition Records has described Oliver Lieb's studio as one of the most exciting equipment collections in the whole entire techno scene. They also point out, that in his studio there is not one standard machine, like the Roland TB-303 or TR-909. Oliver prefers to use analogue equipment, and his most valued feature on a machine is an oscillator with the ability to produce ultra-deep bass-frequencies. He has more than 30 machines in his studio.

Oliver started playing Bass in Funk & Soul bands before he started exploring electronic music. Oliver had the ambition to become a top bass-player. Often, Oliver left the bands he played in before they found any real success.

He wisened up to the future of traditional rock bands and started exploring electronic music.

In 1992, Oliver Lieb met Matthias Schindehutte, the A&R man for the newly formed label, Harthouse. Oliver played him some tracks, and they layed the groundwork for a project called Spicelab. Spicelab went on to become one of the most important Harthouse Projects.

At the same time, Oliver had been working on harder, crazier tracks under the name Psylocibin.

Oliver has recorded as...






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