Otto I the Great

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Otto I the Great was born in 912, son of Henry I the Fowler, king of the Germans, and Saint Matilda of Ringelheim. Otto was Duke of Saxony, King of Germany and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, which he is considered to have founded.

In 955 Otto defeated the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld, near Augsburg. This stopped their expansion into central Europe.

coronation as emperor


In 929 Otto married Eadgyth (Edith). Their children were Liudolf of Swabia, duke of Swabia born 930 and Liutgard of Saxony. In 951 he married a second time, Adelaide of Italy, by whom he had Matilda, Abbess of Quedlinburg, born about 954, and Otto II of Saxony, emperor, born 955. Otto had at least one child outside legitimate marriage, William, Archbishop of Mainz, his son by unnamed Slav mother.