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Add links to stupid, incorrect, or otherwise unwanted page titles to the list below so an admin person can find them, check to see that they are indeed not legitimate pages, and delete them. If the content of a page-to-be-deleted exists on some different page, please indicate that, somehow, on the page-to-be-deleted (either by redirecting it to the correctly titled page, or, better for our purposes, putting in a link to it). To facilitate checking that a "page title to be deleted" really ought to be deleted, please don't redirect such pages to page titles to be deleted.

  • BiblicalInterpretation Poorly written, with no content. Do any articles actually link to it? This is far too vague for an entry, unless someone has something specific in mind to put here.

All of the following were involved in a massive rename and redirect...

  • ATTAN -- page read "ATTAN ialah seorang staf di CENTEPIS.. nama manjanya ialah `baby'... hobinya pada masa lapang ialah korek idung...."
  • Standard Guage - mispelling; content moved to correctly spelt Standard Gauge
  • John Abercromrie - this should have been titled John Abercrombie
  • Veggie - this contained a stupid definition
  • Gilbert Arbott a Beckett - typo in title: it's "Abbott"
  • Theif - Misspelled, and redone with more proper name (Thief video game) so this one should go, please (I'll redirect).
  • Quran of Iblis/Surah 2 - either source text or original writing, no evidence found for this "Quran of Satan" document which it is presenting the text of.

The following have been redirected to one entry; deleting might make it more difficult to understand the entry histories:

Following entries have been collected under one article for simplicity:

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