Parma, Michigan

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Parma, Michigan is a village in Jackson County.


Parma's original name was Cracker Hill. You can still mail things to the post office with the name Cracker Hill and it will arrive.

Culture and Community:

Parma has two churches: The North Parma United Methodist Church and the Parma United Methodist Church. North Parma serves the farming congregation north of town and the "Plain Parma" church serves the village congregation. North Parma is a white clapboard country church and "Plain Parma" is an orange brick church. Both churchs are served by the same minister and are sort of considered one big congregation.

South is the town of Spring Arbor. North is the town of Springport. East is the city and County Seat of Jackson, Michigan. West is the city of Albion and beyond that the city of Battle Creek, both in Calhoun County.

Parma is a town on Old U.S. 12

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