Phil Lord

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I don't have anything on this page as you can see.

I'm thinking of writing some commentaries here. Here are the titles. Sometime I may have some content

  1. /Why I think subpages are a good idea
  2. /Neutral point of view. Or average point of view

keep me wondering ;-)

If you are really interested it should not be too hard to find out who I am.

Easy - Nice homepage

Knocked it up a couple of years back when I was looking for a job. I really must update it sometime.

March 2000 is not that old; for a personal homepage that is
but for colleagues interested in biomedical (information) technology . . .
you keep them wondering

Our local penguin told me he uses some of your packages

I have a pressing reason to update the thing though. I bought a domain name a while back, and am paying someone for use of a co-located server. And I still haven't got around to transfering the website or the domain name to it. A little sad, but my web address has changed to often.

Its nice that people are using some of my packages. Do you mean mine (my emacs ones I guess!) or my groups, which are a slightly different thing.