Phillips CD-I

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The Phillips CD-I, which was released in 1991, was a "multimedia" system created by Phillips and Sony. Its inital price was around $400. It is capable of playing Interactive CD-I discs, Audio CDs, CD+G (CD+Graphics), VCDs (Video CDs), and Karaoke CDs.

In 1994, system sales started to slow, and Phillips released some quality titles such as Hotel Mario (considered by some to be the best Mario game on any console) and Zelda Adventure.

Nintendo was a key developer the supported the CD-I for a while. The CD-I gained 3 exclusive Zelda titles (Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure, namely) Hotel Mario was also desgined exclusively for the CD-I. After a while, Nintendo lost interest in the already waning CD-I. The system died in 1998.

The Phillips CD-I had three versions: the CD-I 450, which was the "video game CD-i", the CD-I 210, which was the common multimedia version, and the CD-I 550, which was basically a 450 with the Digital Video Cartridge installed plus it came with a arcade pad.