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A person licensed to practice medicine. Related titles are veterinarian, one who cures diseases in animals, and biologist, one who studies the life sciences, in general.

Titles for specialized physicians include:

Question: Is a dentist a specialization of physician?--LA2

Other than the fact that we are naming types of doctors rather than medical specialties, this page duplicates medicine.

LA2: Yes, but we need a page that's titled "surgeon" because we want to document that a person was surgeon and the surgeon page could point to famous surgeons. So that page is part of a structure of physicians (this page), at the same time as it points to the art of surgery, which is part of the medicine structure. Which other way could we accomplish this? The words exist in our language (surgery and surgeon), so people will find need to link to them. We already have the same parallel structure with scientist and science and their subcategories.---- If you want a page for surgeon, then you have to add a link to this page like /Surgeon