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Thanks for all the wikification you're doing to the various country entries. I knew it should be done but didn't feel like tackling it yet myself.  :-) --Koyaanis Qatsi

Thanks for adding "not" to RulesToConsider.  :-) --LMS

Thanks for removing my Western bias from Writing. - RjLesch

You are the hero of the Usian debate. I can't imagine a better resolution. --Jimbo Wales

Oh, some sort of possessiveness about the use of the name 'Britannica' when the material comes from their public domain editions. --MichaelTinkler

Does short story make sense now? --Trimalchio

Yes, now I understand what you're getting at. I'll probably be going through it in a while and making it a bit less colloquial, but on the whole I like it. --Pinkunicorn