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During the Pokemon fad, there was a sudden widespread criticism of it passed through Christian congregations primarily by word-of-mouth. While this criticism has been a widespread phenomenon in the United States, little about this has been commited to print. It would be incorrect to state that the Christian religious community has an official opinion on this, but its widespread nature makes it a legitimate topic of study.

Frequent parallels drawn between Satanism and Pokemon =

Note that these parallels may not be in accordance with a strict definition of Satanism, or even make sense. This is a point of contention to be held with their proponents, not the author.

  • Pokemon parallel demons. They are captured and must be invoked to perform tasks. Magical talismans are necessary to control many of them.
  • Pokemon evolve. Evolution denies creationism, therefore Pokemon denies God.
  • Many Pokemon have paranormal or psychic powers. These powers stem from Satan.
  • Many Pokemon embody or practice Asian concepts. For example, some practice martial arts, which some Christian groups denounce as pagan. The cosmology of the game world incorporates Asian elemental principles
  • Magical stones are used to metamorphose certain Pokemon into other forms.

In similar a similar vein, Pokemon has been criticised by members of the Jewish community for promoting Nazism due to a misinterpreted Asian symbol for "good fortune", and Pokemon paraphernilia has also been banned in Saudi Arabia for supposedly promoting Judaism with characters prominently displaying the Star of David.

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