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Media and Politics

Poland has freedom of press since fall of communism. Unfortunatelly TV and radio are still politically controlled, via Radio and TV Committee, currently by post-communists. They use "informational" programs in public TV as means of propaganda. For example leader of post-communist party, Leszek Miller is interviewed much more often than any other person, even more often than prime minister, president or marshal of sejm. Public TV also uses other dirty tricks, like showing uncommented diagrams during materials about state of economy (to suggest that it's in horrible state). One of their biggest dirty trick was in material about arresting Pineiro. They didn't say single word why Pineiro was arrested, only talk about alleged connections between Pineiro and right-wing minister of justice. And of course, every group that want to criticize right-wing government will be showed in tv.

TV stations

  • TVP 1 (state-owned)
  • TVP 2 (state-owned)
  • TV Polonia (state-owned, for Polish living outside of Poland)
  • Polsat (private, owned by Zygmunt Solorz)
  • Polsat 2 (private, owned by Zygmunt Solorz)
  • TVN (private)
  • TVN24 (private, 24/7 news chanell)
  • TV4 (private, owned by Zygmunt Solorz)
  • Telewizja Niepokalanow (owned by church)
  • Many regional tvs, both private and state owned

Digital TV Platforms (all private)

Corporations controlling Cyfra+ and Wizja merged in Aug 2001. They will probably merge their digital platforms soon.

Radio stations

  • Chanell 1 (state-owned)
  • Chanell 3 (state-owned)
  • RMF FM (private)
  • Radio Zet (private)
  • Radio Maryja (owned by church, very nationalist and antisemitic)
  • Local radio stations

Press (all private)

Daily Papers

  • Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Rzeczpospolita
  • Superexpress
  • Zycie
  • Nasz Dziennik
  • Trybuna

Weekly Magazines

  • Wprost (right-wing)
  • Polityka (left-wing)