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1. Could somebody please update party leaders ?

2. Could somebody please tell me how to use things like html ć in wiki ?

in re: #2: generally you just paste in the code; acceptable characters, characters not allowed, others not universally supported etc. are discussed at Wiki special characters.

Did Poland sign an agreement to allow German language to the native population of Pomerania , Silesia , West and East Prussia and for them to be able to change their names back to their original German names again ? ? ? .

Huh ? There are two-language town names in Opolskie. Are you talking about this ?


German native population (living before World War II in Pomerania, Silesia etc.) of western and northwesternparts of Poland was mostly deported to Germany after World War II. Very few German-speaking people live in Poland nowadays (less than 1 %). According to Polish law everyone has right to change her/his name if she/he proves that she/he has important reason to do so - for example if he wants to have German name. In Poland everyone has right to speak in his native language, every ethnic minority has right to establish their schools, there are also schools for German minority. Poland has signed many international treaties which guarant human rights, including rights of ethnic minorities.

Now I understand libertarians - one of my best friends is a serious one, but 'slave' and 'conscript army' are not synonymous unless conscription is for life or until you literally pay your way out. Please don't think I'm defending conscript armies, by the way! I think they're appalling social tools. I'm just asking for a considered rewrite.

"Conscription" is kind of slavery. You are denied all liberty, taken from home, forced to do things you don't want to, and they can send you to death if they want to. If it's not slavery, then what is ? In some countries it is just for a year or two, but in many countries in history, most of slave soldiers never returned home.

The very definition of slaves is that they can be sold -- they're property. Conscript soldiers can't. -- Paul Drye