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To spare all our nerves, we have chosen not to categorize any of the systems and ideologies on this page according to their similarity to each other, instead listing them in alphabetical order. Originally, we did categorize by system and this led to a lot of bickering. See /Categorization Talk. If you want to order them, please first consult that page to see whether somebody has already objected to your ordering, and justify here why your ordering is from the Neutral point of view.

Also, please don't categorize articles on this page until they are beyond stub. Instead, put them on /Wanted. That way, readers won't be frustrated by continuingly visiting non-existent articles, but writers can still know what needs to be worked on.

I'd like to add a few pages on the European Union - its institutions, the way decisions are made etc. Does anyone have any idea where to add that article? Next to the item "US politics" seems logical, but I am not happy with the category "miscellaneous" which this item is in. What about a top level entry (from the politics page) to something like "political entities" which would contain the EU, UN, USSR, League of Nations, and links to items on the politics of various national states (US, UK, Netherlands, whatever)?

--Herman Beun

How about two headings: "Supernational political entities" and "national politics"? Would that be too confusing? The miscellaneous heading was a cop-out because I thought corporate police state and the like were muddying up "Systems and ideologies", but didn't know what to do with them. --DanKeshet