Pope Benedict I

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Benedict I, pope (575-579), succeeded Pope John III, and occupied the Papal chair during the incursions of the Lombards, and during the series of plagues and famines which followed these invasions. Few of the records of transactions outside Rome that help us understand the history of the Papacy survive from Benedict's reign, and perhaps because of the disruption of the Lombards in Italy few ever existed.

preceded by: Pope John III (561-574)
succeeded by: Pope Pelagius II (579-590)

text from 9th edition 1880s encyclopedia - update as needed. Note that the dates given for his reign don't match those in the Popes listing. Can someone resolve this?

The Catholic encyclopedia agrees with our pope-list, 575-579. There was a delay in consecration, but that might involve 574, not 573. I'll put it on my list to check when I get over to the library. Catholic Encylopedia entry for Benedict I