Pope Clement XIII

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CLEMENT XIII, pope (1758-1769), born Carlo Rezzonico and previously bishop of Padua. Notwithstanding the meekness and affability of his character, his pontificate was disturbed by perpetual contentions respecting the investiture of Parma, and subsequently by the demands of France, Spain, and Portugal for the suppression of the Jesuits. Clement warmly espoused the cause of the order in an apostolical brief issued in 1765. The pressure put upon him by the Catholic powers, however, was so strong that he seemed about to give way, when, having convoked a consistory to receive his decision, he died suddenly, February 3, 1769, not without suspicion of poison.

from the 9th edition (1876) of an unnamed encyclopedia - please update as necessary

preceded by Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758)
succeeded by Pope Clement XIV (1769-1774)