Pope Eugene II

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Eugene II, (or Eugenius), pope (824-827) was a native of Rome and was chosen to succeed Pascal I. Another candidate, Zinzinnus, was proposed by the plebeian faction, and the presence of Lothar, son of the Frankish emperor Louis the Pious was necessary in order to maintain the authority of the new pope. Lothar took advantage of this opportunity to redress many abuses in the papal administration, to vest the election of the pope in the nobles, and to confirm the statute that no pope should be consecrated till his election had the approval of the Frankish emperor.

A council which assembled at Rome in the reign of Eugene passed several enactments for the restoration of church discipline, took measures for the foundation of schools and chapters, and decided against priests wearing a secular dress or engaging in secular occupations. Eugene also adopted various provisions for the care of the poor and of widows and orphans, and on that account recieved the name of "father of the people". He died in 827.

preceded by Pope Paschal I (817-824)
succeeded by Pope Valentinus (827)