Pope Miltiades

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Miltiades, or Melchiades (other forms of the name being Meltiades, Melciades, Milciades, and Miltides) was pope from July 10 310 to January 10 or 11, 314. He apppears to have been an African by birth, but of his personal history nothing is known. The Edicts of Toleration of Galerius and of Constantine and Licinius were published during his pontificate, which was also marked by the holding of the Lateran synod in Rome (313) at which Caecilianus was acquitted of the charges brought against him, and Donatus condemned as a heretic.

From the 9th edition (1880s) of an unnameable encyclopedia

preceded by Pope Eusebius (309-310)
succeeded by Pope Silvester I (314-335)