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A major conurbation and dockyard on the South Coast of England, in the county of Hampshire. The city of Portsmouth is a major naval base for the Royal Navy. Extensively bombed during WW2, the hideous Tricorn centre still lurks in the city centre. Plans are afoot to build a Spinnaker Tower. The mech troubled millennium project is now finally underway and due for completion in 2003. The tower is 160m tall, features viewing decks at sea level, 100m, 105m, and 110m. A high speed internal lift runs up one leg, and a stunningly designed panoramic external glass lift runs up the outside of the opposite leg.

Lat: ? Lon:?

Population: 180,000

HMS Victory has been restored in the Dockyard as a tourist attraction, well worth a look at a Napoleonic first-rater.
HMS Warrior is another tourist attraction. An Iron hulled sailing vessel, with auxiliary steam propulsion.

The birth place of Charles Dickens. Most of the city lies on Portsea island, which is very flat. Portsdown hill dominates the skyline to the North, and the waters of the Solent lie to the South, with the Isle of Wight beyond.

There are many other towns and cities named after Portsmouth, especially in the USA.